Make your wedding special

The Wonderful Art of
"Beautiful Writing"

Natasha Lawrence

Calligrapher & Instructor,
Charleston Museum, Hobby Lobby
& Other Art Centers
Call 843-761-3103 or Email:

Calligraphy for Any Occasion -  Wedding Invitations, Greeting Cards, Creative Art & Special Gifts

* Make a great impression on friends, relatives and guests with elegant wide and narrow strokes.

* Poor handwriting flaws are disguised and enhanced and become "artistic".

* Visit our Workshops in Calligraphy page to locate a workshop near you. All workshops include personal instruction, guides and other supplies.
Below: A Calligraphy Workshop at the Charleston Museum

* Even if you've never tried "calligraphy", come and join one of the workshops. Learn to enhance your handwriting style for any occasion!

* The class moves quickly, but it's fun-- there is much to learn plus lots of writing . . .

* Each student receives individual attention. Learn at your own pace.

As the original Charleston from 2006-2011, we  expanded our services and workshop offerings beyond the Charleston area to become South Carolina Calligraphy in 2012.

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